Towards a Roadmap to Boost Demand for ICT in Transport


We are pleased to invite you to the MAPDRIVER final event that will be held on May 28th in Brussels.

The event will present the results of MAPDRIVER and of three other projects on roadmaps of demand side policies funded under the same EU call.




Newsletter 2 - January 2015

Newsletter 1 - March 2014


The MAPDRIVER project aims to support, develop and promote the creation of a Roadmap to facilitate the uptake of ICT innovations in European transport with regards to freight and passenger transport. The issue of transport and logistics is in fact a key priority in the framework of this new programming period 2014-2020, which intends to shape sustainable, integrated and „intelligent‟ transport systems by 2050.


The transport sector has entered a period of mature technology offer that needs to be taken to the market, most of which is based on ICT. In addition, the issue of different standards and regulations set by each state amplify the lack of a common regulatory system that leads to major difficulties when it comes to data transmission and compatibility of systems. Finally, another important problem refers to the poor cooperation among transport chain actors; while users are reluctant to accept new technologies and services that are rarely easy to uptake.


These main shortcomings and challenges will be addressed by the MAPDRIVER project by:


  • supporting the creation of a Roadmap to increase the market uptake of innovations through demand-side innovation policies;

  • promoting demand-side measures to complement many other European initiatives in the framework of achieving wider goals set by the EC such as Horizon 2020, TEN-T and Connecting Europe Facility;

  • boosting demand for European innovations by involving key stakeholders from the private and public sector while fostering the private-public partnership with a market-oriented purpose.


Within the Roadmap, four main areas of demand-side policies will be addressed in the process of enhancing market uptake of innovations, namely public procurement, regulations and technical standards, systemic policies (or user-driven innovation measures) and those policies supporting demand from the transport sector.