Boosting Demand for Industrial ICT Innovations in Europe – Be Part of the Process!


We invite you to participate in a survey which aims at estimating the requirements of the companies and stakeholders’ opinion on the uptake of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) innovations in transport and logistics. Issues of interest are in particular:

  • the current uptake of ICT in transport and logistics,
  • existing limitations which hamper a wider use ICT solutions,
  • suitable policy measures that could improve the uptake process.


The aim is to include the survey conclusions into the roadmap on demand-side ICT innovation policies in the logistics sector in Europe. The roadmap will support European policy makers in decisions on future development of innovation policies. Therefore it is crucial that experts and leading companies participate in this future-oriented and policy-shaping think-tank process.


Be part of this process by participating in the survey: Survey

Your responses will be kept confidential. The survey is user-friendly and you should be able to complete it within 5-10 minutes. We appreciate your willingness to participate and value your feedback.


The survey was initiated by the European project MAPDRIVER.